About Us

Malvern Hills Guitars is run by me, Paul Cross. I've been playing guitar for over 25 years and spent a lot of this time buying and selling guitars and related gear. Its a life long passion (my wife would probably say obsession!) which has slowly morphed into a business.

The aim is to supply great quality, high end, pre owned guitars at sensible prices.

I trade from my home in Malvern, England, which gives me two distinct advantages. Firstly it enables me to keep prices down by avoiding shop rent costs. Secondly I can often be available for guitar viewings by appointment way outside normal shop hours.

Every guitar, regardless of value or age, gets a full service before being added to the catalogue. Check out the Guitar Services page to find out exactly what this involves.

    With this process, customers can feel confident they'll receive a great quality instrument, correctly and properly prepared ready for its new owner.