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I used the Les Paul in the studio today, it sounds awesome! Really happy. Thanks for the killer axe!
Slash (yes THE Slash!)

Hi Paul, Just letting you know the guitar arrived today and it's spot on. Thanks very much for a great transaction
Richard (UK)

Hey man, you have neither exaggerated nor promised too much, we're really excited about the guitar. What a massive piece of an axe, perfect neck and string action, fantastic sustain, great sound and overall condition, plus the ultra-cool look of course. You definitely got my son hooked on that one!
Torsten (Germany)

Hi Paul, just sending a massive massive thanks for personally dropping my guitar off, extremely happy with this gem, thanks so much and a pleasure doing business
Rich (UK)

Hi Paul, George has now opened and tested the guitar and I think you could safely say he is thrilled. Many Thanks
Jane (UK)

Guitar arrived today, it's great condition and is just amazing. Thanks a lot.
Szymon (Poland)


Hi Paul, Firebird arrived safe and sound today. Just been trying her through my favorite amps, sounds awesome and plays great. Thanks very much again for all your help.
Steve (France)

Guitar just arrived.... LOVE IT thanks so much :)
Ally (UK)

Hi Paul, guitar arrived this morning and have just been playing around with it. It is absolutely fantastic. A great setup and beautiful tone. Am absolutely thrilled.
Adrian (Germany)

Hi Paul, guitar has arrived safe, what a lovely 335. Thanks.
John (UK)

Thanks again Paul, amp sounds awesome and loud, you did warn me! haha
Dan (UK)

Hi Paul, just received it and checked it all out..... It's perfect!! Thank you so much
Bindi (UK)

Hi Paul, thanks for the great job on restoring my collection of guitars back to their former glory, especially the manufacturing wizardry replacing the broken part!
Andy (UK)

Hi Paul, Can't tell you how happy I am with the 335!
Steve (UK)

Hi Paul, I love the ES137, it's great! Thanks for all your help last week
Bernie Holland (UK)

Hi Paul, thanks a lot for everything, that was a fine deal.
Jozef (Slovakia)